You don’t have to compete with women in their 20s and 30s.

Let's find Your winning field!

This is how we roll

This is what you and I will do when you are joining me for the training:


Module 1-4

Gaining clarity on who you are, what you want and how to move forward.

  • Setting-up your dating profile following a proven model to fit your goals and personality in order to attract the right kind of men.
  • Laying down your own rules of dating to give you confidence and help you make decisions that are serving you.
  • Learning why dating younger men is a huge win for both you and them and what you need to understand to make it super easy.
Module 1-4 Module 1-4

Module 5-8

Let’s start meeting men, having dates!

By now your dating profile is working, you are clear on your goal. Now you’ll learn how to get what you want - in practice.

  • You’ll learn to attract – select - test - choose well without having to spend heaps of mental energy on the process.
  • Also, you will learn about a unique method that makes dating more effective and hell of a lot more fun.
  • We will discuss subjects such as: Why aiming for a so called “high-value man” is a terrible mistake and what you can do instead? and How to spot and avoid time-waster men?
Module 5-8 Module 5-8

Module 9-12

Oooh, this is the juiciest part of your evolution!

By the end of the second month, you’ll learn how to turn texting into actual dates. This part of the training is about finetuning, making sure you are becoming wiser with every new experience including getting physical – with subjects like:

  • How to know if/when it’s the right time to have sex
  • How to handle the different types of ghosting
  • How to liberate you from the fear of making mistakes and many more…
Module 9-12 Module 9-12

You too can have the time of your life, not despite the fact that you are over 40, but exactly because of that!

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