“I went from being invisible to having multiple dates per week, from completely confused to confident.”

For that I didn’t have to change my looks, my style or what I bring to the table, but I did have to change something important.

I want to share this knowledge with you so you too can finally have the time of your life – Not despite the fact that you are over 40 but exactly because of that!

But, let’s go back in time, approximately 8 years:
Before I became the ruler of my love life, with dates filling up my calendar, I too was once experiencing the “emotionally and sensually broke” state, having a dull job with no plans or hope for a better future on any front. That is when an advertisement for a business-lifestyle training jumped right at my face on a social site promising to teach me how to turn my professional life around. The price was pretty steep, slightly out-of-my-league, but I took a deep breath and bought it. I can’t tell you how grateful I am now for that decision. Within a couple of years I have built my own successful local company that is helping singles meet at fun events.


while I was working my ass off, over 40, building a brand new career; as a Woman I became painfully invisible. My life became “all work, no play”. Men just didn’t seem to notice me anymore. I could walk down the street feeling like a lonely superhero with the invisibility cape on. Since I wasn’t getting any younger, I feared that my love life may never change for the better.

I couldn’t have been more wrong...

You see, the thing is,

in the last 9+ years I have been closely working with single men and women, intensely studying dating and relationships and what I have learned is that while the so-called traditional relationship and dating model is marketed way too well, it’s not for everyone and certainly not for every stage of our lives.

One day it just dawned on me. If traditional ways of dating and searching for a long-term exclusive relationship doesn’t bring results, what if I try something else? What if the problem is not Me but the Goal?

What if following outdated ideas about “proper”, “socially acceptable” dating behavior is a mistake, and it is leaving large groups of grown women confused, excluded and devalued?

This is when my 7+ years of studies paid off generously. From examining the different life stages of men and women, their specific needs and studying the rules of the current dating market and online dating, I have learned that:

  • There is a specific demographic of men who do want to meet and date women in their 40s.
  • There are magnetic ways to communicate with those men drawing them in fast and efficiently.
  • The current, messed-up power dynamic between men and women can be changed to your advantage.
  • Dating can be light and fun when you let go of constraining rules and expectations.

As a result, now I am everything but invisible. I feel strong and desirable. I have plenty of attention from men, and my sex life is beyond amazing.

Have I changed my looks? Not one bit. Have I changed the core of who I am? Nope. (How could I?) But I have successfully changed my perspective and the tools I am using to help me get to happiness and joyful connections.

Now, with the Free We Roll Program all that wisdom is available for you to lead you to great dates and amazing connections as fast as possible.

I personally have tested everything I teach, so You don’t have to waste years and years of your time feeling lost, confused, when you could start having fun right now.

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“Pleasing the system will not earn respect or happiness. Authenticity, on the other hand, as eccentric as it may seem at times, is what creates a full and content life.”

– Berta Pirchala

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